One Source Song,
Endless Remixes

Remix any stem-based track to your requirements and create your own custom version. Download your custom mix in multiple formats, stereo or multi-track, or directly laced into other media such as video.

Automatic Virtual Arranger

Tracks magically adjust to any target length: Within seconds, our patent-pending song structure algorithms will re-arrange any track without compromising its musical integrity.

Get Your Ducks Stems
In a Row

Offer your customers swift and convenient delivery via our global CDN infrastructure. Your back catalog can easily be SongCruncher-enabled without impacting the licensing situation.

Less Cost,
More Artistic Freedom

Even on a budget or under time pressure: SongCruncher makes producing tailor-made soundtracks a breeze. Editors love its foolproof arrangement features, controllers love the savings in time and $$$.

Music Customization
Anytime, Anywhere

No waiting, no set-up, no hassle. The online music editor lives in the cloud and offers the comfort and control of a desktop application in your web or mobile browser.

Ready… Steady… Crunch!

Integrating SongCruncher technology with any online music catalog is seamless, painless and extremely flexible. Our straightforward API connects directly to any existing web service.

Partner From the Outset

Extreme Music, the worldwide production music division of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, has already integrated UJAM’s SongCruncher technology


“To be able to create my own mix on the fly, plus the ability to change the speed of a track … is a giant leap forward and seriously changes the game.”

Kevin Edelman Metalman Music

“The whole ethos behind this is that it breathes many different lives into one single musical track.”

Russell Emanuel CEO Extreme Music

“I was able to customize a track in five minutes.”

Fran Berkman Mashable

SongCruncher In The Press

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